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Family Photo Session

Header image for indiana dunes family photos blog post. 3 images. From left to right: young girl dancing in a pink dress, a family dancing together on the beach with a golden sunset in the background, boy holding 3 smooth black stones

The Bonney family’s unforgettable Indiana Dunes family photos was a joy-filled memory for the books. When friends from Michigan want to meet at Indiana Dunes National Park in Porter, IN for a family Adventure Session, I make it worth their while!

The Bonney Family’s Indiana Dunes Family Photos

Picture this: a family of six – plus their pooch, Honey. They’re all dressed in pastel pinks, greens, blues, and neutrals, perfectly complementing the magical golden sunset over the sand dunes. Mom, Dad, four kids, and their playful Golden Doodle filled the air with laughter and joy. Surely, it was a moment for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

It wasn’t long before they were dancing and twirling in the sand. Their genuine smiles and infectious laughter set the tone for a joyous evening. Dad, ever the playful spirit, scooped up their youngest boy for a playful wrestle, eliciting giggles and squeals of delight all around. Even more, the enchanting backdrop of Indiana Dunes National Park was a scene straight out of a storybook.

As the sun dipped lower, casting a golden glow over the lake, the family strutted their stuff along the shore. While mom and dad shared a quiet moment, the kids dug around in the sand and explored the place where the waves lapped against the land, and left small footprints behind as they did. As the sun dipped ever lower, serenity fell over the beach. The wild dance moves changed to joyful, quiet connection, and the pink sky provided the perfect canvas for their Indiana Dunes family photos.

In the end, the Bonney family’s session wasn’t just about taking photos; it was about joy-filled togetherness and memory-making. Their pictures are a testament to their love and happiness, a treasure trove of memories to cherish forever.

I’m thrilled to share these favorites from the Bonneys’ Indiana Dunes family photos!

Indiana dunes family photos: a family of 6 laughing together as Dad gives Mom a kiss on the cheek
Indiana dunes family photos: young girl in a pink dress looks out over lake michigan surrounded by beach grass and sand. A soft golden sunset gives everything a glow.
Indiana dunes family photos: a family of 6 plus a Wheaton terrier share a group hug in the sand near Lake Michigan
Indiana dunes family photos: Mom and Dad snuggle in the beach grass
Indiana dunes family photos: two young sisters dance in the sand by Lake Michigan

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May 31, 2024




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