Highland Park, Indianapolis Photo Session

Senior Photo Session

Our family recently moved to Indianapolis, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and photograph Taia!

Taia is a student, musician and as sweet as they come! She has already released a few songs and has another one coming in the next few weeks!

Also, is this park not stunning? It’s called Highland Park and is located just east of downtown Indianapolis. A stunning backdrop for a photo session and THE PLACE for all the dog walkers! As sunset approached, dozens of dogs and their humans congregated on this hill to watch the sunset and I can’t say that I blame them! What a cool view of the Indy’s skyline!

This was my first time visiting this park, but it for sure won’t be my last time! It isn’t hard to find this exact spot. Once you arrive at the park, just take any walking path to the top of the hill. This spot is found where a few walking paths converge at the top of the hill. If you go there for a photo session, I highly recommend getting there an hour before sunset and using the leaves in the tree to diffuse light.

Be warned! Even on a weeknight, this park became quite crowded at sunset time.

January 3, 2024






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