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Hey momma! Have you seen those cute monthly photos of babies and wanted to do something like that with your own baby? Maybe you’ve tried and it just didn’t turn out as good as you wanted to. Or maybe this is a brand new idea to you! Whatever the case is, I’m here to help! I’m a family photographer and a momma to 5 kids (10 and younger) and I am passionate about helping moms just like you capture better photos of your own kids! Below I’m compiled my top tips to help make monthly photos a better experience for you. Follow me on Instagram for more photo tips! @kylashurtzphotography

Tip #1: Use the same items each month

Consistency in items will make the photos look more cohesive and more easily showcase the baby’s growth from month to month. I chose a letter board, a stuffed animal, a bow and a cloth diaper. You could also opt for blocks, a sign, or another toy.

Tip #2: Find a spot in your home with good natural lighting

What to do:

  1. Set up next to a big window or glass door
  2. Pull back the curtains to let in as much light as possible
  3. Use a room with white or light colored walls
  4. Neutral flooring is always nice (you can use a rug or a blanket too!)

What to avoid:

  1. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight
  2. Stay away from rooms with bright or bold colored walls as they can cause funny colors to be reflected on your baby

Tip #3: Set yourself up for success

  1. Set a reminder alarm in your phone for baby’s monthly birthday
  2. Gather photo items ahead of time
  3. Take photos when baby is fed, rested and happy

A few bonus tips:

  1. Give yourself grace. Not every photo shoot is going to go as planned and that’s ok.
  2. Don’t worry if you forget to do the monthly photo shoot on the exact ay every month. You’ll cherish the photos even if you’re a few days late.
  3. Bring an assistant (they get squirmy as they get older)
  4. Use a step stool to get a good angle above the baby
  5. If you have a fast action setting on your phone, use that to avoid motion blur
  6. Put baby in the same position every time to more easily compare size growth every time
  7. Use a trifold white board to reflect light (Oftentimes when using natural light for indoor photos, there is shadowing on one side of the subject. By using a simple trifold board as a reflector, you can help bounce the light to more evenly fill out your subject
  8. Use bubbles! Bubbles grab the baby’s attention and create genuine smiles. This especially works well for babies around 6 months old

April 14, 2023




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