Family Photos at Rock Canyon Park Trailhead

Family Photo Session

Every year I get so excited to book my own family photo session! This year we decided to do a sunrise photo session while we were visiting family in Utah in June. We chose Rock Canyon Park Trailhead in Provo, Utah. This gem, surrounded by rocky mountains and adorned with wildflowers, holds memories from my college days when I used to rock climb in this canyon.

We met up with Ashlyn, from Ashlyn Peck Photography (which I highly recommend by the way!), to start our early morning sunrise photo session. Shortly after she started snapping pictures, raindrops started to fall. But, knowing we couldn’t reschedule, Ashlyn came prepared with umbrellas to keep us dry!

After hunkering down and letting the bulk of the rain pass, we continued with our photo session. The rain was in and out for the rest of our photos, but you wouldn’t even know looking at these stunning pictures!

Outfits include:

Baltic Born: Pippa dress in blue

Ivy City Co: Size 4T Mini Madeline in blue, size 6 months Madeline romper in blue

Old Navy: Boys shirts and blue shorts

Target Cat and Jack: boys tan shorts

Ashlyn even captured some pictures of me breastfeeding and I will always cherish these photos.

Get the photos. Capture those little details. It’s always worth it!

January 11, 2024






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