Detroit Sunrise Photo Session

Senior Photo Session

On the top level of Z Parking Garage in Detroit

Would you wake up early for a sunrise photo session? This may not sound appealing to many, but believe me when I say IT IS WORTH IT!

I’m a night owl myself, so I understand the dread that comes with waking up early. And even with that being the case, I would wake up for an early morning sunrise session any day! This downtown Detroit Senior photo session was no exception and I’m so glad McKenna trusted me when I pitched the crazy idea to wake up early and drive downtown for her senior session.

Let me share with you just 3 reasons why a sunrise session is totally worth it!

Z Parking Garage A
  1. Nothing compares to that GORGEOUS morning light!

There’s something special about that soft glow that comes in the morning. The beauty in these pictures speak for themselves!

The Belt

2. We have the whole place to ourselves!

This alleyway is usually PACKED with people, but not in the early morning hours! We had the whole place to ourselves. We were able to use whatever spot we wanted. This enabled us to get more images quicker because we didn’t need to work around other people. And all this results in a jam packed gallery full of stunning images!

The Belt Downtown Detroit

3. You get an early start to the day!

Once the photo session is over, you have the rest of the day to enjoy! You’re already dressed up and ready, so why not go out on a fun breakfast date? Or heck! You can spend that extra time being productive and getting something done you’ve been wanting to do!

Z Parking Garage Downtown Detroit

If this has you considering a sunrise session, PLEASE reach out! You won’t regret it!

February 21, 2023




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